Clock 15

Breguet Corniche Carriage Clock

4.75 x 3.25 x 2.75 inches (clock without case)

Brass and beveled glass, eight−day time, hour/half hour strike and alarm, carriage clock, "Corniche" model, Case no. 3016, with leatherette signed/numbered 3016 carrying case, made by the Breguet, 12 Rue de La Paix, Paris, France, circa 1898.

Letter from UTAC America confirms Breguet sold clock in 1898.

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Case:4.75" x 2.75" x 3.25” Lacquered brass and beveled glass carriage clock made in the 'Corniche' style in France by the Breguet family watch and clock firm, then located at 12 rue de la Paix in Paris. Corniche cases such as this were made specifically for the English market since the French thought this style appealed to the English public.

Octagonal shaped cylindrical brass carrying handle above the flat brass pediment with rectilinear beveled glass lenticel for viewing the repaired platform escapement (not shown) and also atop the pediment is a button for the repeat strike on demand function. There is beveled glass on four sides of the rectilinear shaped case with rounded brass corner posts, all resting on a broad brass base with straight bracket feet and a door for access to the movement compartment at the rear.

Dial: The rectilinear white porcelain dial facade encloses a round Roman hour dial with open bar minutes with outer Arabic markers placed every five minutes, and steel American style 'Spade' hands. A small round Arabic dial, 1−12, below the main dial is for setting the alarm to the hour of awakening. The dial is unsigned.

Movement: Solid heavy brass rectangular plates pinned at the rear plate. Unsigned rectangular movement powered by two− barrel springs of eight−day duration and striking on a coiled metal Cathedral gong at the rear of the movement on the hour and the half hour. The movement with tubular ringed brass pillars, anchor escapement is controlled by a platform escapement most likely with bimetallic balance wheel, cut steel pinions and steel arbors. I believe the back plate is marked "Breguet no. 3016". Case and movement signed.

Condition: There is mild oxidative speckling of the outer brass case. Old patina retained on the brass. Generally, the brass case is in very good condition. The original Beveled glass is not broken and remains in place. Dial − There are a few dark speckles but one long scratch which runs from the dial center up through the 60−minute mark. Movement − Original genuine and functional. Platform escapement is assumed original to this clock and has had repairs.

There is a number and an engraved name at the left lower end of the rear plate, perhaps the maker of one of the components or the then current owner of the firm.  The leatherette case remains in good condition for its age.