Clock 2

Seth Thomas "Lunar" Wall Clock

35 x 17 x 6.5 inches

Mahogany, two weight driven, eight day striking, all clock with moon dial, "Lunar model", No. 2981A, made by the Seth Thomas Company, Thomaston Ct. circa 1892.

Numbered 2981A, manufactured January 1892.

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Provenance: Purchased from estate of Bernadine Cornelison, in house since 1927, bought old, purchased 1980 ­ $1000.

Case: 36" x 17" This is a mahogany hooded wall clock with concave broken arch pediment, applied rosette terminals with central fluted keystone supporting a carved ovoid ball finial with spire. The glazed door frame is in the form of a break arch­shaped with the frame shoulders breaking the arch at the top at right angles to the vertical and then taking a rectilinear form below. The glazed door is flanked by two block and turned, tapered colonnettes with rectangular mahogany stiles at the back of the hood. A concave and stepped molding has an undulating pinwheel solid fret above the open well where the pendulum swings and the weights descend. Below this the backboard sits flat to the wall with a horizontal rectangular panel on the front of the backboard. It has concentric moldings and at the front of the open well there are two teardrop finials as well as foliate carving at the base of the backboard. The back of the case has a stenciled identification number 2981A and as with many Seth Thomas clocks of this late Victorian era, when read backwards it provides the year of manufacture, i.e. 1892.

Dial: 6.75" wide arched painted dial with solid Arabic hours, closed minute track to the outside, paint gilded scrolling spandrels, steel Victorian hands and the lower dial center signed in script, Seth Thomas. The lunette has a revolving moon dial with two stylized hemispheres below. (The Lunar model was made in different sizes and had dials that were 6.75" in diameter as well as 12" diameter).

Movement: A brass lyre­shaped movement with anchor escapement flywheel and countwheel striking with two sprocket gears to take up the chain holding the two fluted brass canister weights which power this clock for eight days and case striking on a cathedral gong. The winding of the clock is done manually by pulling the weight chains up onto the sprocket gears inside the movement. The lyre plates are signed for Seth Thomas with his logo and name and marked Thomaston, Ct. USA. There is a long brass pendulum rod with polished brass bob.

Condition: Case ­Excellent. Most of these clocks had a very ornate pendulum bob. Dial ­ Very Good to excellent and the first I have seen signed. Movement ­ Original, genuine and functional.