Clock 27

Crystal Regulator Mantel Clock

10.5 x 6 x 5 inches

Brass and beveled glass, double barrel spring, eight day time and hour/half hour striking, crystal regulator mantel clock, made by A.D. Mougin, 75 Rue de Turenne, Paris, France, circa 1880­1900.

mercury pendulum front mercury pendulum door open mercury pendulum hands mercury pendulum dial mercury pendulum works side mercury pendulum gong mercury pendulum mark mercury pendulum works left mercury pendulum works detail mercury pendulum back

Case: 10.5"x 5" x 6" brass post and beveled glass paneled mantel clock with flat lacquered and stepped brass pediment above the four paneled case resting on a broad brass base with straight bracket feet. There is a back panel which acts as a door to access the movement.

Dial: A round white porcelain dial with enameled Arabic, closed bar minute track, Brocot aperture @12 for altering the speed of the movement, Antique Breguet steel hands and two spring winding apertures. The dial is unsigned.

Movement: Round solid brass plate movement connected with brass tubular pillars which are pinned at the back plate, anchor escapement, steel cut pinions, steel arbors, rack and snail striking with butterfly wheel seen near the top of the movement. The movement is barrel spring powered, of eight day duration and striking a coiled Cathedral gong on the hour and half hour. The movement has the medallion of the clockmaker at the base of the rear plate. This is a medallion marked, A.D. Mougin, two medals (awarded to this firm at the Paris Exposition of 1889) with a star at the center. {A.D. Mougin was a meticulous worker who made movement from c. 1880−1900 in Paris.) There is a pendulum rod with double mercury tube bob. Winding key is present.

Condition: Dial is very good with a bit of expected chipping around the winding apertures. Some mild discoloration of the brass and speckling of the lacquered brass finish on the case. The beveled glass appears to be intact. Movement is considered to be functional. Overall in very good condition.