Clock 28

Morbier Clock

16 x 9.75 x 6 inches

Iron, bronze and brass, two weight, eight day time, hour/half hour strike, "Brass Front" transitional Morbier wag on the wall clock, dial marked for the retailer, 'Haurie a Orthez'(France), unsigned by the clockmaker, made in the Morez/Morbier district of the Jura mountains in France circa 1840−1880. Pendulum and weights not shown.

mobier front mobier dial mobier hands mobier head piece mobier headpiece mobier dial detail mobier works mobier left interior mobier back mobier right interior and top mobier right interior mobier drum and fly mobier drum mobier escapement

Case: This Morbier wall clock measures 16" x 6" x 9.75" and consists of a sheet iron box enclosing the movement with a dial on the facade and surmounted by a pressed brass fenestrated fretwork with a gentleman and lady celebrating love and the harvest, a fairly typical genre scene. The lower part of the dial facade is also decorated with hammered brass floral designs. The movement, directly behind the dial is enclosed in a sheet iron box which was meant to be hung on a nail on the wall or post.

Dial: White round enameled dial with bold Roman hours, closed minute ring to the outside, no minute markers along the edge of the dial (suggests a date post 1860), matching skeletonized brass French heart shaped hands, two winding apertures and the name of the retailer of the clock on the dial.

Movement: A two weight, iron post and frame movement, eight day time and half hourly strike (trains are side by side), on a bell mounted at the top above the top movement plate, verge escapement seen with contrate wheel present as expected. The pendulum is not shown, but judging by the aperture behind the dial it swings at the front of the movement (found in the period of Morbier movements from 1840−1915).

Condition: Very nice example of Morbier type clock with good genuine movement and fine dial.