Clock 31

Gothic Cathedral skeleton clock

14.5 x 13 x 8 inches (without dome but including base)

Brass, architectural with scrolled−rafter construction, single fusee, Gothic Cathedral skeleton timepiece with eccentric seconds and dead beat escapement, unsigned, made in England, circa 1840.

skeleton dome skeleton without dome skeleton escapement skeleton dial skeleton dial two skeleton fusee skeleton side skeleton back skeleton detail skeleton pendulum skeleton escapement two skeleton escapement three skeleton works two skeleton top

Measuring 14.5" X 8" X 13" this is a two plate fenestrated architectural Gothic cathedral framed skeleton clock resting on four brass ogival scrolled legs. The framework above is definitely Gothic and vertically designs with Fleur−de−Lys ornaments at the base of the frame and pointed Gothic finial− like structures at the top of the frame. The two frames are connected by four cuffed brass pillars, screwed to the front plate and riveted into the rear frame. There is a solid silvered hour chapter ring with black enameled Roman hours, closed minute ring and large central aperture to view the gearing. There is a silvered asymmetrically placed subsidiary seconds dial with its center being the hour XII and intersection the main dial at the eleven and the one. There are beautifully executed steel hands, and for want of a better name, I have chosen to call them "antique Breguet spear" hands. The dial is unsigned.

Directly behind the seconds ring is the brass escape wheel with a graham dead beat escapement, its arbor connected to a brass lever arm leading directly to the pendulum rod with heavy and precise cylindrical brass weighted bob which swing slowly at the back of the frames. The power source is an inverted single chain driven fusee spring with the brass barrel carrying the steel chain on the outside while above is the tapered conical fusee. The timepiece sits on blue velvet above a mahogany stained wooden ovoid base which rests on suppressed ball feet and the mechanism has a glazed dome.

Condition: overall in very fine condition. Aesthetically, an interesting combination of form contrasting the ogee shape with the cylinder of the bob and vertical thrust of the framework. A fine piece of English horology.