The escapement of the watch is where time is kept. The power of the watch is allowed to "escape" but in a regular fashion, thus keeping time.  The escapement often relies on a pendulum or spring which has a periodic motion.  This regular motion is used to measure the time.

  • anchor (or recoil)
  • brocot
  • chronometer
  • dead beat
  • double three legged
  • horizontal
  • lever
  • pin pallet
  • pin wheel
  • recoil
  • verge

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The lever escapement is a combination of a specially constructed gear wheel and a lever wtih two pins on the end.  The wheel is trying to turn, clockwise in this example.  The lever rocks back and forth, allowing the pins on the end to engage the teeth on the wheel.  One or the other of the pins on the lever are always engaged, thus preventing the wheel from spinning.  All we need is a regular motion of a pendulum or spring to be attached to the lever, causing it to regularly rock back and forth to time.