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Pocket Watch Museum

This website will disappear at the end of October 2022.  It is available to anyone who wants it.  It was written using PHP, MySql for deployment on a LAMP server.  I suggest you have knowledge in these technologies if you want to take it on.  Please contact me if you are interested using the contact information on the right.

None of the watches or clocks are for sale.  They have all been sold.  The main purpose of this website was to showcase all the clocks and pocket watches that were part of the Lord collection.  Please let me know if you enjoyed this website otherwise it will go away.

Watch Museum

The Pocket Watch Museum is a virtual museum on the Internet. We are an educational site, trying provide information on many mechanical things including pocket watches.  We are not a physical museum and the watches are not available for physical viewing.

How to Find Watches:

Searching the museum will allow a visitor to view a series of watches. The search is based on various characteristics such as age, maker, type of escapement, or case design. The visitor is presented with watches that match their interests. Then the visitor can select a specific watch and see a description, more technical information about the watch, and additional pictures.

General Search:

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November 2021

We are done!   All of the collection has been sold.  This website will nolonger be updated.  With sufficient interest, we will let it stay as it is.

November 26, 2019

It is hard to believe we started this over two years ago!  Many of the watches have been sold.  We are busy with an inventory and will update the watch pages as soon as we know which ones are still for sale.

We have started finding homes for Elizabeth's clock collection.  There are over 30, including skeleton clocks, carriage clocks, and lantern clocks.  We are photographing them and trying to identify them.  Please let us know if you recognize any of them.  Once we have identified them and established a rough value, we will sell them.

December 19, 2017

The values of many of the watches has been determined, either from appraisal or from a survey by knowledgable people.  The collection is now for sale.  First, this website will be advertised in the March/April issue of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Mart.  Some of the British watches will hopefully be available for display in England.  Some of the less expensive watches may make it onto eBay.  And finally some of the works will be donated to various horological schools.

February 15, 2017

We are selling the collection. It has been difficult establishing the value of the watches, see my explanation below. We will start by selling the American watches.

January 12, 2017

The pocket watch collection was assembled by my mother, Elizabeth Lord. She was a profession at Washington State University and upon retirement took up pocket watch collecting. We are now actively trying to value the watches in the museum with the expectation of finding a new home for the watches. Should you be willing to help or have any suggestions please contact me using the contact link to the right.

I have also been offered assistance in correcting some of the technical descriptions of the various watches. Hopefully those descriptions will improve over time. I want to thank people at the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors for their assistance in this effort.

Should you be interested in a particular watch, please send me a note. I will contact you once we determine a value for the watch.

How do you visit the museum? How do you find the watches that interest you? Drop me a note if you have a minute.

Pocket Watch Collection

We do not have any pocket watches to display in the Sands Mechanical Museum. This is a virtual museum, existing only on the Internet. It is not possible to come to a physical building and see watches.

Establishing the Value

There have been several people willing to help establish the value of the watches. They are rare and I thank them.

We could just let an auction house sell all the watches. It would certainly establish the value but at great expense to both the collector and to us.

There are many collectors who are unwilling to make an offer on a watch. This is understandable because they do not want to have someone else come after and raise the offer. However if the original offer were reasonable, very few if any people would come in and raise it. Other collectors insist that we establish the value first and then they will come in and negotiate.  We will avoid these collectors. They want us to establish a value and then lower it? Why do I bother if they will not pay the asking price. Since we do not have any idea as to value, this approach is not possible. In fact, these collectors have been frustrated with our approach and shown a lack of understanding. We will avoid them due to their lack of support.


Please visit the forum if you can help or contact us directly at the links provided on the right.

The site map is at sitemappocketwatchmuseum.txt. The Google formatted one is in the same place with an .xml extension.