watch and case

Strategic Partners

I suspect there are collectors out there that have nice collections. My hope is to partner with anyone interested in displaying their collection on the Internet.

I enjoy creating educational websites.  I enjoy visiting museums.  I want to combine these two interests and create a pocket watch museum.  I am not interested in creating a commercial website or hosting advertising. 

I need some technical help.  I want to find someone or several people who are willing to help with the technical part of watch identification and characterization.  I want to find someone who enjoys identifying the various parts of a watch, dating the watches, and helping educate others about watches.  A pocket watch museum curator might be a good description.

Can you help?  It can be as easy as reviewing a watch page, checking some boxes regarding the characteristics, and perhaps writing a short paragraph describing a particular watch.

Adding to the Collection

I am happy to add other pocket watches to the Sands Mechancial Museum or Pocket Watch Museum.  Send me your pictures, information about your watch, and how you and your watches want to be identified, and I will happily add your watch.

Comments are welcome.