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EW60 case front
watch index 24
country other  
piece name (title): EW60 boar hunting 1630 fake
set key
plate full
plate finish unknown
long comment Johann St. Schlott AVGSPVRG, reproduction, fake
case style other
case material steel
serial number
case marks
dial and hands
notes Cast white metal, forged replication of a German silver filigreed pocket watch in the 16th/17th century style with fusee & crown wheel escapement, Boar- hunting theme, movement signed ''Johann Schlott, Augsburg'' (see notes), made in Germany late 19th or early 20th century.



(no measurements) An ovoid, white metal filigreed hunting case pocket watch with swing-free movement. The case is made to mimic filigreed silver with scenes of a boar hunt, one side with hunting dogs, hunters with spears, the boar being speared, foliate forms and a central rosette, all done with simplistic lines and in rather crude form.


Not shown. Movement: The back plate of the movement is shown with arbor for key winding.The movement is pinned at the back plate which exhibits engraved scrolling foliage above the open scroll-work balance cock. the lower section of the rear plate is signed for Johann Schlott, Augsburg''. The plates are joined by tubular brass pillars (late 19th early / 20th century) and there is a crown wheel or verge escapement with a single fusee driven spring.


Essentially a forgery of an early German watch. However there are some old parts here that have some intrinsic value, but not much. More of a conversation piece.


Late 19th - early 20th century

Extra Notes Jurgen Abeler''s text, "Meister der Uhrenmachunst" does reveal the name Johann Schlott. Unfortunately there are no dates and he states that this is a fantasy or fictitious name on fake watches that were made in the style of the 16th and 17th century in Germany.
EW60 case front
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EW60 case detail
EW60 case detail
EW60 case detail
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