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EW81 front
watch index 34
country British  
piece name (title): Pocket Chronometer by Crisp
set key
jewels 4
plate full
plate finish gilt
date 1879
long comment William Baker Crisp, London Maker to the Admiralty EW81
case style swing-out
case material sterling silver
escapement verge
serial number 1796
maker W B Crisp worked at 81 St John St from 1858-1865, 174 St John St from 1871-1883, and 133 Liverpool Rd from 1883. Chronometer maker of repute, he was a founder member of the BHI in 1858.
movement Full plate, key wound, front set, fusee, the balance cock engraved with foliate scrolls. The top plate signed 'W B Crisp, Maker to the Admiralty, 174 St John St Road, London' and '2/1796'. The superscript "2" on the serial number is known to have been used by Crisp for his second series.
escapement Spring detent escapement. Cut compensated balance wheel with gold and platinum screws and diamond endstone. Helical blue steel hairspring, free-sprung with overcoils.
case marks The inner back cover marked with a lion for Sterling silver, leopard's head for London, upper case D for 1879, and JH incused for Joseph and James Hirst, Clerkenwell, London, registered in 1878.

Case material is Sterling silver.
dial and hands The white enamelled dial has a Roman hour chapter, closed minute ring to the outside, and a subsidiary seconds dial at 6 o'clock with closed chapter and Arabic numerals at 10 second intervals, with Arabic minute numerals to the quarters only.

The dial signed 'Willm B Crisp, London 2/1796'.

Blued steel spade and whip hands and a plain blued steel seconds hand.

notes The diameter of the brass edge attaching the dial to the movement is substantially greater than the pillar plate in order to accommodate the large dial and case. This is sometimes an indication of a later re-case and re-dial, but in this instance the dates of the movement and the case are well matched, and there is no reason to suspect any replacement.
valuation This is a pocket chronometer by a well reputed maker, the dial and case showing signs of extensive use, the movement in very good visual condition and the movement plate nicely decorated.
copyright © 2017 Graham Morse and Martin Rosen
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