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EW65 front
watch index 45
country American  
piece name (title): Seth Thomas 34, model 2
jewels 7j
size 16s
plate three quarter
plate finish two tone
date 1904
long comment Gent's 16S, gold-plated open face pocket watch, S/N 725950, Grade 326, made by the Seth Thomas watch Company, Thomaston, Ct. USA circa 1895/96.
case style snap_back
case material tone
serial number 72595
movement 16S, Grade 326, three quarter plate gilt nickel movement plate with 7 jewels, safety pinion, serial number 725950, a rosette surrounds the center wheel pivot and the plate is signed Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn. with bimetallic balance wheel, engraved balance wheel bridge and simple regulator.
case 16S open face gold plated case, Windsor model made by the Brooklyn Watch Case Company, under the ownership of Joseph Fahys (notes) in a gold-plated case with a finish guaranteed to last 20 years. A fluted gilt ball pendant and oval bow is placed at the twelve position on the dial.
case marks
dial and hands White enameled dial with Arabic hour chapter, closed minute ring, sunken subsidiary seconds dial at 6, steel Spade hand and the dial marked 'Seth Thomas'.
notes Some confusion about grade and size.

FAHYS, JOSEPH WATCHCASES: Joseph Fahys came to America in 1848, took his training in Hoboken, N.J. and set up shop on Nassau Street in New York City in the year 1857. He opened a second case shop in Carlstadt, New Jersey in 1861. In 1882 he merged it with a large factory he had built in Sag Harbor, N.Y. Fahys generally made watch cases of either silver, gold filled or nickel cases. However, some time between 1865 and 1890 he formed the Brooklyn Watch Case company. After 1900 he merged the Brooklyn company with the two Fahys companies.

The Windsor designated case was registered on March 24, 1891.

The B.W.C.Co inside a dog bone shaped cameo indicated the logo of a gold plated case where the gilt finish was guaranteed to last for 20 years.
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