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EW61 front
watch index 61
country British  
piece name (title): Tallibart pocket chronometer
set key
plate three quarter
plate finish gilt
date 1841
long comment not original case
case style unknown
case material silver
escapement English lever
serial number 4910
maker Louis Tallibart recorded as working from 48 Rathbone Place, London between 1841 and 1851.

He also had a shop in Galata, Turkey in 1844.

Tony Mercer's Chronometer Makers of the World records serial #449 as an 8-day made for the Turkish market.
movement Signed on the top plate for "Tallibart Rathbone Place London" serial number 366.

Three quarter plate, key wound, going barrel, the cut compensated balance with gold temperature and quarter screws, helical blue steel hairspring, free-sprung with overcoils, diamond endstone, jewelled to the third, engraved decoration to the balance cock.

The barrel ratchet in the top plate with recessed circular click spring.

The top plate screwed rather than pinned to the pillars, as was usual practice in chronometers for some time before general adoption in ordinary watches.
escapement Pivoted detent of unusual design with a cranked profile, a straight hairspring and what appears to be a steel locking pin, the brass escape wheel of Earnshaw type.
case Plain with fixed dome and barrel edge to the band, silver joints, pendant with back cover release button. Although the case date corresponds with the known dates of the movement maker, there are signs of modification to the winding hole position in the dome and the movement joint indicating that the case is not original.
case marks Case assayed in London (leopard's head), 1841 ("f"), maker John Williams, 56 Great Sutton Street, London, registered 3rd July 1839, ("JW" incuse).

Pendant marks unclear in pictures, but could be interpreted as above.
dial and hands The white enamelled dial with "Ottoman" numerals to the hour chapter, minute ring to the outside, with sunk sub seconds dial at VI, signed "Tallibart London 366" under XII.

The blue steel non-matching hands in fleur-de-lis style with steel seconds hand, the latter probably a replacement.
notes The crystal with cracks, but otherwise no sign of damage or undue wear. An unusual escapement which could add to potential value if properly identified.
valuation Serial #11256 was a gold cased chronometer with spring detent, sold for $3765 of which about $1500 would represent the case. The value is enhanced by the unusual escapement, and by the nicely decorated balance cock. To some extent the (puzzling) modified case may reduce this value.
copyright © 2017 Graham Morse and Martin Rosen
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