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EW35 front
watch index 67
country American  
piece name (title): Howard Watch Co, series 10
set lever
jewels 21j
size 16s
plate bridge
plate finish nickel
date 1912
long comment Gent's 16S, gold plated, railroad grade, hunting case pocket watch with Montgomery dial, Series 10, 21 jewel model, made by the E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone-Howard watch), Boston, Ma. USA circa 1912, Dueber Case, warranted 25 years,
case style hinge_back_bezel
case material unknown
adjustments six_position
serial number 1170625
movement Stem wound and lever set, Series 10, 21 jewel, adjusted to 5 positions, double roller, finger bridge movement with Howard type regulator arrow with enclosed star indicating 21 jewels and adjusted to 5 positions and temperature (Extra). S/N illegible but appears to be 12765?? (for circa 1912).
case 16S gold plated, four leaf, hunting case pocket watch with engine turned and engraved outer covers done in the floral Art Nouveau style of c. 1880-1910 with fluted suppressed ball pendant and bow at the twelve. The inside of the cover is marked for the Dueber Watch Case Company (see notes)with a gold finish on metal, the finish guaranteed to last 25 years. and bearing the Dueber 'anchor' and 'Special' logo.
case marks
dial and hands Triple sunk white enameled dial with Arabic hours, open minute ring with Arabic markers placed every minute (called the Montgomery dial) with red Arabic minutes marked every five minutes, steel Spade hands and a subsidiary seconds bit at 6. The upper dial marked Howard.
notes Dueber Watch case company: John C. Dueber made watch cases, 1865-1873, then company name changed to Dueber Watch Case Mfg. Company of Cincinnati, then in 1876 to Newport, Kentucky, then moved to Canton Ohio in 1887 and continued there until 1930. Combined with Hampden Company in 1888 as Dueber/Hampton.
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