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EW40 front
watch index 70
country British  
piece name (title): Quarter repeater Hubert $7500
price $7500
set key
plate full
plate finish gilt
date 1760
long comment EW40 Quarter repeater pocket watch by D. Hubert $7500
case style pair
case material gold
escapement verge
serial number 1056
maker References to two possible London "Hubert"s exist; David senior working from 1714 until 1748, Master of The Clockmakers Company 1743, and his son, also David, apprenticed to his father in 1727. There are several references to other makers with this name working in the Rouen and Toulouse areas of France. Based on the probable date of this watch, David junior is the more likely "maker".
movement Full plate, key wound, fusee with chain, the circular balance cock table pierced and engraved with foliate scrolls and a shell motif at the base. The top plate signed for "Dd Hulbert London" and serial number "1056". The plain steel three-spoke balance wheel with flat blue steel hairspring. The slide plate with disc regulator engraved with Turkish/Arabic character numerals, (as found on watch dials for the Ottoman market).

The striking speed of the repeater train adjustable via an eccentric plug whose slotted head is mounted in the top plate next to the serial number.

Although there is provision on the top plate for the attachment of a full cap, this does not appear to be present.
case The gold inner case pierced and engraved with foliate scroll work, the plunge pendant in plated metal, the stirrup bow with gem settings but lacking the stones. The bowl rim relieved to accommodate the movement catch and the pulse piece. The gold outer case pierced and chased with scrolls, swags of flowers in multi-coloured gold, and stone set crescent and star in a green enamel central reserve. The release button stone set.

Case Material: Gold, although no confirmation from hallmarks. At this date the standard purity was 22 carat.

Case Serial: "132", which may only be partial due to the image cropping, but does not match the movement serial of "1056".
case marks The inner case marked "IH" incuse under a crown in three places, and a stamped "132", but no other marks discernable. The identity of this maker is unclear. The absence of a full set of hallmarks is not unusual in a pierced and engraved case of this period.
dial and hands The white enamelled convex dial with Roman hour chapter, dotted minute ring to the outside, with Arabic minute numerals to the quarters only. A restored chip at 10, otherwise in good condition.

The ornate stone set hour and minute hands in the French style, consistent with the outer case decoration.
notes The Turkish/Arabic character numerals on the regulator disc suggest that the watch was intended for the Ottoman market, as does the design on the central reserve of the outer case, but the dial is European in design, and is of a later style, (with minute numerals only at the quarters), than the movement, which hints that it may be a replacement. The outer case is later in style than the movement, and in the opinion of a leading authority in the V&A Museum does not appear to be English work. The inner case serial number differs from that on the movement, but this does not necessarily imply that it too is not original.

Quarter repeater activated by plunger in pendant. Two hammers striking on a polished steel bell in the inner case. There appears to be a pulse piece in the movement edge at seven. (The pulse piece prevents the hammers from striking the bell when depressed, but the silent blows are still felt by the finger).
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EW40 case detail
EW40 case detail
EW40 case detail
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