Watch Summary

index country title case escapement serial disposition
5 American Waltham 235, model 1894 unknown unknown 23042935 sold
6 American Nick's Watch, Elgin unknown unknown 4645250 not_for_sale
31 American EW04 Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch open unknown sold
37 American Elgin 320 hinge_back_bezel unknown 13032920 sold
39 American Howard and Co., series III hunting unknown 3453 sold
41 American E. Howard series VII snap_back unknown 20290 sold
42 American Hamilton 940 unknown unknown 0246789 sold
43 American Seth Thomas 182 snap_back unknown 211488 sold
45 American Seth Thomas 34, model 2 snap_back unknown 72595 sold
46 American Rockford 910 model 9 snap_back unknown 535570 sold
47 American Seth Thomas Centennial snap_back unknown 1317905 sold
58 American EW21 New England Duplex other duplex sold
59 American Hampden Special Railway, model 3 other unknown 1258459 sold
66 American New York Standard, worm drive other 16367 sold
67 American Howard Watch Co, series 10 hinge_back_bezel unknown 1170625 sold
68 American EW38 Masonic Dudley other unknown 4624 sold
78 American EW? wrist watch other unknown 9624 sold
79 American E Howard, the Ionic swing-out unknown 1169425 sold
80 American Illinois Bunn Special, model 9 unknown unknown 4482004 sold
81 American Hamilton 992, model 2 swing-out unknown 1619624 sold
82 American Elgin 240, B W Raymond, model 8 swing-out unknown 13558165 sold

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Search finds any watch that has a portion of the text included in the field. For example, when searching for "Canterbury" in the title field, search will return all watches that have "Canterbury" or "The arch bishop of Canterbury" or "Canterbury Tales" in the title.

Upper and lower case are the same, and search does not distinguish.

Dates normally take the format of xxxx-xx-xx or year-month-day. Search will find any portion of the date. For example, searching for "1764" will return all watches with that year. Searching for "01" will find all watches with the month or year set to January or the first. The date search does not find years within the start and end dates yet. This will be impemented soon.

Be careful when searching if you are not getting results. Make sure the form is cleared or select search again from the right navigation. Incorrect combinations, such as a year from one watch and the maker from another will return no results.

The explanation on the right of the search fields indicates what kind of infomration can be entered. Text, 36 suggests you can enter text up to 36 characters long. Enumerated indicates only those values in the drop down menu are acceptable.