Watch Summary

index country title case escapement serial disposition
9 British EW9 Roskell of Liverpool unknown English lever 8932 sold
10 British EW10 Morris Tobias Fusee Duplex unknown duplex 2298 sold
16 British EW34 H Stuart Co unknown English lever 39423 sold
17 British EW46 Fusee unknown verge 1576 sold
19 other EW76 LeLievre verge fusee French hunting verge sold
24 other EW60 boar hunting 1630 fake other unknown sold
26 British Thomas Earnshaw chronometer pair unknown 326 sold
27 British Thomas Earnshaw Chronometer pair chronometer spring detent 867 sold
40 British EW040 English Verge Fusee pair verge 4914 sold
44 British EW64 Ths Whitt Fusee Verge unknown unknown sold
48 British signed Jos Johnson, Liverpool hunting lever 6388 sold
49 British EW2 Richard Ovingham Calendar pair verge 39699 sold
52 British EW8 William Bellion, fusee lever hinge_back_bezel lever sold
57 Swiss Nurnberger half-hunter verge 31705 sold
63 British EW28 George Morris Lever Fusee swing-out lever 4087 sold
65 British EW30 William Broad Racklever swing-out lever 8269 sold
70 British Quarter repeater Hubert $7500 pair verge 1056 for_sale
72 British EW43 Daniel Quare fusee, verge pair verge sold
76 British EW55 Marsh No. 758 verge fusee pair verge 758 sold

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Upper and lower case are the same, and search does not distinguish.

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