watch and case W74

Pocket Watch Museum in the Sands Mechanical Museum


January 25, 2012

We are now being hosted on a server owned by Lynne.

I added the last pocket watch to the museum this week.  My next task is to gather more specific information about each of the watches.  For example, I need to learn about the different styles of cases and then update the descriptions of the watches.  As stated before, much of the information about the individual watches is incorrect due to my ignorance.

The forum was removed. Users were either spamming or advertising watches and were not discussing watch technology, the website, or the watches that appear on the site.

December 26, 2011

I have been adding more watches! I will try and add about ten a week. Do a search to find watches from various countries or with specific features. A blank search, with not changes, will return all the watches, about 34.

Note also that the information about the watches is not necessarily correct. For example, I do not know what kind of escapement the watches have. Perhaps you can send me a note if you see information that is incorrect. I will correct it and give you credit for your contribution. I continue to be frustrated because I do not know how to characterize, date, or describe many of the watches.

How do you visit the museum? How do you find the watches that interest you? Drop me a note if you have a minute.

Watch Museum

The Pocket Watch Museum is a virtual museum on the Internet. We are an educational site, trying provide information on many mechanical things including pocket watches.

The Pocket Watch Museum is a wing of the Sands Mechanical Museum.. The objective is to allow visitors to search for and view many different kinds of pocket watches, to learn how they work, and about their history. We are trying to duplicate the experience of visiting a real museum dedicated to pocket watches.

There is also a forum, a place for the community interested in pocket watches to gather. The forum provides a place for discussions and education. We welcome help and comments, either by visiting the forum or by contacting us through the index to the right.

How to Find Watches:

Searching the museum will allow a visitor to view a series of watches. The search is based on various characteristics such as age, maker, type of escapement, or case design. The visitor is presented with watches that match their interests. Then the visitor can select a specific watch and see a description, more technical information about the watch, and additional pictures.

Finding a watch based on the country of origin:

Finding a watch based on the mechanical features: NOT WORKING YET!

General Search:

search for a watch

Below are several watches included in the museum. Unfortunately the technical information is incomplete, see below.

watch EW72

EW72 Canterbury #94, English, verge fusee, hallmark 1789, Emanl. Solomon

watch EW74

EW74 Tarts, London, hallmark 1764, key wind, fusee

watch EW79

EW79 Waltham 17 jewels, 1894 model

watch EW24

EW24 Issac, Henry Patrick, deck watch, 1869-1875

watch EWpaps

Paps' Family watch, little known about it.

Pocket Watch Collection

We do not have any pocket watches to display in the Sands Mechanical Museum. This is a virtual museum, existing only on the Internet. It is not possible to come to a physical building and see watches.

We need help. The next step will be to create a database of all the watches and allow the visitor to search for watches that fit the visitors' area of interest. Watches will be added as time allows. A forum has been created which will hopefully facilitate the addition of watches to the museum. Do you have pictures of a watch you want to add? The process is simple, requiring only some pictures of the time piece and some comments and technical description. The web designers here at the museum will do the work required to add the watch to the museum.

Pictures remain the property of the contributor. Our pages are copyrighted only to protect the museum.


Please visit the forum if you can help or contact us directly at the links provided on the right.

The sitemap is at sitemappocketwatchmuseum.txt. The Google formatted one is in the same place with an .xml extension.